Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

"If I can help one person, and that person can help another person, then it becomes a change"

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About Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

Dr Kakenya Ntaiya runs an international foundation based on her ground-breaking school in Kenya. She has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, and a vision to inspire girls to dream big. This is far from the future her parents had mapped out for her. As a Maasai village girl, she was engaged to be married when she was 5 and would have ended her schooling at age 12, if not for an extraordinary bargain she made with her father. She would undergo the tribal ritual of circumcision if he would allow her to finish school. Dr Kakenya Ntaiya did not know then what female genital mutilation was, nor how lucky she would be to survive it. Now, she has set up a school where parents must agree that their girls will not undergo FGM, and will not be married before they finish school. The Kakenya Center for Excellence has so far transformed the lives of more than 230 young women in Kenya through education.

The LBW Trust and the Graduating Students Program

The LBW Trust has established a scholarship program to support the tertiary education of students graduating from the Kakenya Center for Excellence. The LBW Trust is raising funds to send all of Dr Kakenya’s Graduating Students this year to University. The funds will assist to cover their entry fees, campus accommodation, books, and a small food allowance. For more information about our scholarship program please contact: elizabeth@battingforchange.com.au

Become a Mentor

The Global Mentoring program will allow leading business minds in Australia to develop relationships with the 26 graduates of the Kakenya Centre for Excellence as they embark on their journey of tertiary education. Monthly Skype sessions will be supplemented by a yearly visit to Nairobi (at Mentors own cost) for the inaugural Global Mentoring summit. Please contact Lizzie Garrett, elizabeth@battingforchange.com.au, for more information.

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