27 February 2017

Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

The legendary Dennis Lillee

The legendary Dennis Lillee AM, MBE, arguably the most complete and spectacular fast bowler of all time, and a member of the 'Australian Test Team of the Century' being interviewed by LBW Trust Director Mike Coward, at the Trust's 10th Annual Dinner, held in the Noble Dining Room of the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday, Jan 30th.

Henry Olonga- Nessun at the LBW Trust

Henry Olonga (Ex Zimbabwean Cricketer) delighting over 600 guests with his amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma on 30th Jan 2016 at the LBW Trust Annual Dinner 2016.

Henry Olonga being interviewed

Henry Olonga being interviewed by Mike Coward at the LBW Trust annual dinner on 30th January 2016. Henry shared his journey as a Zimbabwean cricketer, protesting against Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, his life in exile and about calling Australia home.

David Vaux

David Vaux, Chairman of the LBW Trust, giving an update on the LBW Trust's work in the last year, thanking the sponsors and also awarding distinguished service awards for long serving members of the trust, Director Lyn O'Brien and President and Co-founder Darshak Mehta.

LBW Trust President

LBW Trust President & Co-Founder Darshak Mehta, delivering an impassioned, entertaining speech at the 10th Annual Dinner of The LBW Trust on Saturday, Jan 30th, at the Sydney Cricket Ground.