• April 23, 2017

    Doctors on Village Call - VECT medical graduates benefit from LBW Trust support

    LBW Trust medical graduates and students played a key role in a pioneering Health Check-up and Awareness camp in the Indian state of Odisha in March.

    Working under the banner of the Vikash Educational Charitable Trust (VECT) the doctors assessed, treated and advised 326 patients at Kosala village 60km from the Odisha capital of Bhubaneswar. 

    The LBW Trust has worked closely with VECT for the past 10 years and is proud so many of it scholarship holders were involved in such an innovative and worthwhile project.

    The camp was organised to take a free medical service to the doorstep of villagers who live a long way from Government Primary Health Centres. Seven medical students assisted by LBW Trust scholarships were able to closely observe the manner and work of four full-fledged doctors who were beneficiaries of LBW Trust grants. Doctors Chandan Sahu, Ashok Ku Jena, Bibekananda Rout and Prasanta Ku Samal are now employed in Government hospitals.

    Working alongside specialists from the Apollo Hospital in Bhubaneswar the doctors were stunned by the urgent need for their services.

  • March 28, 2017

    A tribute to LBW Trust Founder Darshak Mehta OAM on his retirement as President

    From LBW Trust Chairman David Vaux

    When Darshak asked me two years ago to take over as Chairman of the Board of Directors, I agreed on the basis that he would become President and help the transition to a new era. With the Trust in great shape, Darshak has decided it is time for him to complete his retirement and has stepped down as President.
    Darshak’s contribution to The LBW Trust as a founder and long-term Chairman has been immense. I think the following tribute from co-founder and current director Mike Coward AM says it all:
    Dear Darshak,
    Knowing you as I think I do, this must have been one of the most difficult decisions of your life. You have given yourself utterly and unconditionally to the LBW Trust over the past 11 years and your legacy is incalculable and will stand the test of time. This is indisputable.
    You can derive considerable personal satisfaction from the way the organisation has evolved and must take pride in the fact so many young people are living a more fulfilling life because of the education and genuine care they have received through the reach of the Trust.
    Your knowledge of the Indian sub-continent and its Australian communities, coupled with your generosity of spirit, forceful personality and tirelessness provided the Trust with countless opportunities which continue to bear fruit as we saw at the 11th Dinner last Saturday.
    Of course, as you expected, it was not always smooth sailing. This was inevitable given the mix of personalities who have served the Trust since its foundation. But all challenges were met with honesty and the few disagreements resolved amicably. The core reason for the existence of the Trust was never obscured. Indeed, it has been a very happy and rewarding time.
    As the now lone founder still actively involved, I am aware of the great store you place in “corporate memory”, and I will be mindful of this as long as I remain at the boardroom table.
    Congratulations on your inestimable contribution to what has become a magnificent and influential organisation within and, indeed, beyond the cricket community. I wish you and Alpana contentment and good health in the future.
    With respect and very best wishes,
    Mike Coward

    The LBW Board is delighted that Darshak will continue his association as a Patron of The LBW Trust.