• May 10, 2016

    The LBW Trust Appoints New Directors

    The LBW Trust has appointed four new directors to the board – David Abusah, Jane Anne Dempsey, Phil Muhlbauer and Penny Verdich.

    David is a senior executive at the Commonwealth Bank and will sit on both our Education and Women for Change sub-committees.

    Jane Anne has a marketing background and will sit on the Batting for Change and Women for Change Board sub-committees.

    Phil until recently was CEO, Global Registry Services & Strategic Partnerships at Link Group.  Link has been the Trust’s long term major sponsor.  Phil will sit on the Corporate Sponsorship sub-committee.
    Penny is a retired school principal and will sit as Chairman of our Education sub-committee.
    The LBW Trust welcomes the new directors to the board. Their energy and passionate commitment will further progress the work currently carried out by the hardworking LBW Trust.

  • January 27, 2016

    Interest in Chappelli's books is heating up

    An article published in the The Australian on 23/01/2016. Credit: The Australian

    Chairman of Cricket Australia David Peever is supposed to be in important meetings in Dubai next week with the heavy hitters from the ICC, but he will be monitoring his phone very closely and may have to excuse himself for a moment or two.

    The cricket powerbrokers’ pow-wow clashes with the LBW Trust annual dinner and Peever has skin in that game.

    Dennis Lillee and singing Zimbabwean activist Henry Olonga are guests of honour at the dinner which has already sold out (600 people). Lillee’s old teammate Ian Chappell decided it is time to divest himself of his private collection of cricket books and magazines and has donated them as an auction item at the event. There are some real classics in there and Peever has placed an early bid. He has told organisers that he is willing to be on a phone link to ensure that nobody outbids him.

    The LBW Trust provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged students in developing cricket-playing countries to help them complete their tertiary education. Every single dollar donated finds its way to the pointy end, unlike some other charities in the news recently. No staff, no administration costs, no champagne.

    If you contact organisers you could make Peever’s life a little uncomfortable and maybe even influence the outcome of ICC deliberations.

    Credit: Article originally published in The Australian (Weekend Edition) on 23rd January 2016 and written by Simon McLoughlin.


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